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 Darkfall Application

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PostSubject: Darkfall Application   Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:34 pm

~In-Game Name: Leorn Koehi

~Age: 22

~MMO Experience: very good

~Times Available to Play: After 5pm Central weekdays and whenever on weekends

~Clans you have been apart of in Darkfall: Knights of Darkness and a few grief-type clans

~Members you know in Devil's Rejects(or who recruited you): White Scion

~Playstyle(i.e. melee or magic or hybrid): hybrid


~What do you hope to gain or achieve with Devil's Rejects?
Killing other people and also Kraken and Dragons

~What, if any, expectations do you have by joining Devil's Rejects?
help killing bigger mobs, training skills, back up when i fight

~What do you feel you bring to the table for Devil's Rejects?
all of the things i listed in the expectations, but for others not including myself

~Do you have friends in other clans, and if so will that be an issue in any way?
yea.. i know some Reds that always have my back. they only attack people that are after me

~Do you have a problem either being a clan crafter or feeding all your crafting mats to our clan crafters?
No, crafting raises stats that will also help in killing people

~Do you know when to be quiet in vent when its needed?
Yea.. when other people are talking.


Strength: 40ish
Vitality: 40ish
Dexterity: 25ish
Intelligence: 25ish
Wisdom: 50+

~Any melee masteries?
Not at the time of applying
~Magic schools? Levels?
LM 90+, GM 50+, haven't picked up new ones yet


~Vent is a requirement so if you have a problem with at least getting in vent then I wouldn't suggest sending in the application.
I have vent.
~We ask that you at least visit these boards often in order to keep up with any info or events that we may have posted.[u]
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Darkfall Application
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