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 YAP YAP Application

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PostSubject: YAP YAP Application   Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:48 am

General Information

~In-Game Name:Yap Yap


~MMO Experience: Runescape, WoW, City of Heroes, Runes of magic, APB,

~Times Available to Play:weekdays late at night due to work.

~ Did you play Darkfall 1?: Yeah

~If so, what clans you were a part of in Darkfall 1:Vamp, West Nile, Divine legion, Happy Kangaroos, Dragon Highlords.

~Members you know in Black Sheep (or who recruited you): Silent Widowmaker.

~Playstyle(i.e. Warrior, Mage, Archerer, etc.): STR Warrior.


~What do you hope to gain or achieve with Black Sheep?

PvP with some badass dudes. and getting better at the game.

~What, if any, expectations do you have by joining Black Sheep?

PvP with some badass dudes.

~What do you feel you bring to the table for Black Sheep?
Im a decent player, and I can follow directon.

~Do you have friends in other clans, and if so will that be an issue in any way?
Not Really Zoro, and Istay used to be friends but they are kind of dicks now.

~Do you have a problem either being a clan crafter or feeding all your crafting mats to our clan crafters?
Not at all.

~Do you know when to be quiet in vent when its needed?



~Any melee masteries?GS

~Magic schools? Levels?
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YAP YAP Application
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