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 Booms Sifu App

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PostSubject: Booms Sifu App   Thu May 02, 2013 1:46 pm

~In-Game Name: Booms Sifu

~Age: 32

~MMO Experience: Darkfall 1, Mortal Online, SWG, SWTOR, Rift, Aion, Warhammer, GW2 etc

~Times Available to Play: 9pm-3am EST (on top of that I am on and off at different times)

~ Did you play Darkfall 1?: Yep

~If so, what clans you were a part of in Darkfall 1: Duchy of Wessex & Brockmoore (Hyperion Alliance), Invictus & Warbound (Afghan Alliance), Nemesis (VAMP Alliance), Battle Saints

~Members you know in Black Sheep (or who recruited you): I am in Imperium at the moment, played with a couple of you guys up in Kvit for 2 days

~Playstyle(i.e. Warrior, Mage, Archerer, etc.): Skirm


~What do you hope to gain or achieve with Black Sheep? I am looking for a close knit group of people that like to have fun while enjoying bong hits and pvp

~What, if any, expectations do you have by joining Black Sheep? Being able to finish up some of my feats, being solo sucks ass. It is funny I am in the largest clan but they are so unorganized and shit it is next to impossible to get in a group that does not kill steal or run when we get attacked

~What do you feel you bring to the table for Black Sheep? While I am not the best pvper in DF2 I follow orders and am loyal to people who treat me well and I have many years experience in pvp. I also want to start dueling so I can stop being so shit in pvp. To get up to everyone level in the Mercs alliance I had to duel like 2 hours a day for a couple weeks and I was good.

~Do you have friends in other clans, and if so will that be an issue in any way? I have friends in almost every alliance. I have already fought, died, or killed most of them in DF2. All these friends are from df1 though. It is funny I have been in imperium for 2 weeks and don't have a single friend in the guild. I played more with you guys and OTG then any of those dudes.

~Do you have a problem either being a clan crafter or feeding all your crafting mats to our clan crafters? I had a couple bad experiences in DF1, our crafters got leveled and then quit the game a month in, it pissed me off so now I generally craft all my own shit. I am a level 80 leatherworker and a level 55 bowyer. If your crafters plan on not bailing any time soon I may be more into this idea. I guess my trust has been pretty weak for those I do not know well.

~Do you know when to be quiet in vent when its needed?
Yes, I hate peopel talking about what they had for lunch while we are pvping. Personally it pisses me off. The voice discipline in Imperium is horrible, one of the main reasnos I am leaving. And if you guys don't accept me I still plan on leaving in the next couple of days, If I have to be a solo hobo so be it.


Strength: 35
Vitality: Health? 300ish
Dexterity: 113
Intelligence: base
Wisdom: base

~Any melee masteries? nope

~Magic schools? Levels? nope

I have 100 Archery / 100 Archery Mastery, 20k Prowess
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Booms Sifu App
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