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 Baiame Night app

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PostSubject: Baiame Night app   Thu Sep 19, 2013 6:58 pm

General Information

~In-Game Name: Baiame Night

~Age: 32

~MMO Experience: SWG was my first MMO. I started just after launch. I've been playing MMOs ever since.

~Times Available to Play: Normally evenings but can vary

~ Did you play Darkfall 1?: Yes I did.

~If so, what clans you were a part of in Darkfall 1: OTG, Ne Quid Nimis

~Members you know in Black Sheep (or who recruited you):

~Playstyle(i.e. Warrior, Mage, Archerer, etc.): Skirm


~What do you hope to gain or achieve with Black Sheep? pvp/pve and crafting advancement

~What, if any, expectations do you have by joining Black Sheep? Lack of drama

~What do you feel you bring to the table for Black Sheep? lack of drama;) friendly and helpful

~Do you have friends in other clans, and if so will that be an issue in any way? Yes and no

~Do you have a problem either being a clan crafter or feeding all your crafting mats to our clan crafters? Not at all.

~Do you know when to be quiet in vent when its needed? Yes


Dexterity: 115
Intelligence: 25
Wisdom: 45

~Any melee masteries? Melee, no.

~Magic schools? Levels? No. 100 archery mastery.afro 
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Baiame Night app
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